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Employee Spotlight – Carole Leach on Being a Company Advocate

Arandell’s biggest advocate.

That’s how some people would describe Arandell A-Team member and this month’s Empoyee Spotlight Carole Leach. She loves her job and it’s evident in her attitude, in the way she talks about the company and especially in the way she engages with the company on social media. Carole is usually one of the first people to “like” or comment when a post comes out from any one of Arandell’s various accounts and always seems to be so positive.

But she’s not just out there singing Arandell’s high praises from the top of mountains either. She’s a jokester, rarely taking things too seriously, and makes other team member’s days easier just by being around them and having a quick chat. When we asked her why she likes engaging with the Arandell social media accounts, she said it’s because she’s “nosy” — a self-deprecating moment that’s further evidence she doesn’t even take herself too seriously!

When we interviewed Carole for this month’s Employee Spotlight, the conversation went off the rails quickly but turned into something that was much more insightful and much more fun than your standard Q&A type of interview.

So without further ado, here’s more about Carole Leach, this month’s Employee Spotlight.


What’s your name, job title and the department you work in?

My name is Carole Leach. I guess my official job title is shipping clerk and I work in the Shipping department here at Arandell in Menomonee Falls.


Tell us more about your background.

When I first started working at Arandell, I was feeding pockets in the bindery as a temp which was 15 years ago now. I worked that pocket feeding job for about 9 months before they decided to hire me on full-time. Over the years I worked my way up and started working with the heavier pieces of machinery. Now I work on the Hyster forklifts most often. They’re way better than what we had back in the day. We called them RPJs – real pieces of junk!


What are your day-to-day-responsibilities?

Most of the work I do is in maintaining the department itself. So ensuring shipments make their deadlines, make sure truckers are being waited on and we’re answering doors for truckers to come through. I work the wrappers as well and make sure pallets of signatures are being taken care of and properly staged. It’s a little overwhelming sometimes but I’ve made it through up to this point!


What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I enjoy most is the job itself. The day-to-day responsibilities I just mentioned are part of that. I just really enjoy seeing things through to the end and in making sure things are done properly. My biggest pet peeve is in making sure things get done right the first time. I can’t stand sloppy work, so I try and show people how to do things 100% right 100% of the time. It doesn’t always happen, but I try!


What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

I like to shop, cook, go to the movies and hang out with my grandbabies. I like spending some time alone for myself too and usually enjoy a nice big bottle of red wine when I can. I have a certain type I like to get that I can only find at Sendik’s so when I see it there, I buy a whole cart full!


Do you have a favorite vending machine snack/drink?

I try not to eat much from the vending machines but my go-to snack is plain Ruffles and a big ol’ Gatorade. It has to be plain, I can’t do the other ones. Plain or nothing.


What’s your favorite music to listen to? Favorite band or artist?

I love Elton John. I like Tom Petty a lot too. I’ll listen to my R&B and a little rap sometimes and I’ll get my gospel in there too. But yeah, my favorite is Elton John. I didn’t see him when he was in Milwaukee recently but I’m definitely going when he comes back this spring.


Favorite TV show or movie of all-time?

Chicago PD is my go-to. I know as a character he’s not real but if I could meet Sergeant Voight from that show, I could die happy. Same thing for Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods.


Final Question: How do you define success?

I would define success as strengthening yourself. It’s defined by what type of work pleases you and makes you feel better about yourself. Do what you feel like you need to do to make yourself a better and more productive person. If you feel like you need your college degree, go after it. If you don’t, then go and pursue something else. But do something! I used to question being in a manufacturing type of role but I’m comfortable here. I know pretty much everybody here it feels like and love just roaming around in either the office or out on the production floor and just messing with people and joking around. It’s why I love it here.


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