Employee Spotlight – Michael Roberson on Having a Good Attitude at Work

“If you’re going to do something, do it with a smile and a good attitude.” That’s the phrase that kept coming up when speaking with Arandell A-Team member Michael Roberson for this month’s Employee Spotlight. Michael is another one of our extremely motivated, high-performing plant workers – working as a baler operator for the last … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Geno Fleming on Letting Work Ethic Speak for Itself

Geno Fleming is a man of few words. He’s a first pressman at Arandell’s newly-opened facility in Walton, Kentucky – which is just south of Cincinnati. He was hired about a year ago, roughly 6 months after the Kentucky facility opened but is a 30+ year vet in the printing industry.  Geno prefers to let his work ethic and daily attitude do the talking … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Antwon Rhodes Reflects on First Year with Arandell

Ask just about anybody that works on a press and they will tell you one of the toughest, most physically-intensive and demanding jobs to do all day is as a jogger. What is jogging, you ask? It’s probably not the kind you’re thinking of. Jogging means that you are responsible for taking stacks of printed … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Kathy Schaber Enters 50th Year with Arandell

This piece is the first in a series that will showcase one Arandell A-Team member at a time and highlight their day-to-day responsibilities, hobbies, interests and overall personality. On June 23rd, 2019, Kathy Schaber – Manager of Client Services – officially celebrated her 50th anniversary with Arandell. Yup that’s right, she will have been here … Continued