Employee Spotlight – Linda Zabinski on Finding Passion in Your Career

This month’s featured Employee Spotlight team member is Linda Zabinski, who is currently Arandell’s front desk receptionist. Linda has had what you might call an unconventional path that has led her here. She went from being a stay-at-home mom to working part and full-time here and there before finally settling with Arandell some time later. … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Dennis McKibben on Overcoming Career Adversity

Dennis McKibben has only been with Arandell for about two years, but has already become a valued member of the A-Team. He has been in print for over 25 years and has worked for some of the biggest players in the industry. Like Dennis, those of us who have been in print for that amount … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Trish Volk on Creating Career Opportunities for Yourself

Trish Volk, Account Executives at Arandell, has been in printing for over 34 years.   In the mid-90’s, a male dominated sales team was still the norm in many industries – particularly so in the printing industry. After 10 years in the Estimating department, Trish decided that Sales would be the most challenging career move for … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Carole Leach on Being a Company Advocate

Arandell’s biggest advocate. That’s how some people would describe Arandell A-Team member and this month’s Empoyee Spotlight Carole Leach. She loves her job and it’s evident in her attitude, in the way she talks about the company and especially in the way she engages with the company on social media. Carole is usually one of … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Michael Roberson on Having a Good Attitude at Work

“If you’re going to do something, do it with a smile and a good attitude.” That’s the phrase that kept coming up when speaking with Arandell A-Team member Michael Roberson for this month’s Employee Spotlight. Michael is another one of our extremely motivated, high-performing plant workers – working as a baler operator for the last … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Geno Fleming on Letting Work Ethic Speak for Itself

Geno Fleming is a man of few words. He’s a first pressman at Arandell’s newly-opened facility in Walton, Kentucky – which is just south of Cincinnati. He was hired about a year ago, roughly 6 months after the Kentucky facility opened but is a 30+ year vet in the printing industry.  Geno prefers to let his work ethic and daily attitude do the talking … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Antwon Rhodes Reflects on First Year with Arandell

Ask just about anybody that works on a press and they will tell you one of the toughest, most physically-intensive and demanding jobs to do all day is as a jogger. What is jogging, you ask? It’s probably not the kind you’re thinking of. Jogging means that you are responsible for taking stacks of printed … Continued

Employee Spotlight – Kathy Schaber Enters 50th Year with Arandell

This piece is the first in a series that will showcase one Arandell A-Team member at a time and highlight their day-to-day responsibilities, hobbies, interests and overall personality. On June 23rd, 2019, Kathy Schaber – Manager of Client Services – officially celebrated her 50th anniversary with Arandell. Yup that’s right, she will have been here … Continued