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Winter Storm Quinn

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings from eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the Hudson Valley of New York and much of New England. This includes Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, Albany, Portland and much of the Boston metro area. Winter storm watches stretch as far south as northern Maryland, northern Delaware and southern New Jersey, as far west as parts of the Mohawk Valley of New York and as far north as northern Maine.


A winter weather advisory has also been posted in parts of northwestern Maryland, eastern West Virginia and adjacent portions of western Virginia. This includes Elkins, West Virginia, and Cumberland, Maryland. Additional tree damage and power outages cannot be ruled out given the combination of strong winds and heavy, wet snow. . Snow from Quinn will first begin to spread into the interior Northeast Tuesday evening and Tuesday night, but the lion’s share of the storm will occur Wednesday into Thursday. We recognize the severe impact that current conditions are having on our customers and we are committed to restoring service levels as quickly as possible. If you have any questions regarding your catalog programs deliverability don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of your customer service team.