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Part 4 – The Advantages of Working with a Mid-Sized Printer: Why Medium Sized Catalog Printers Give You the Best of Both Worlds

This is part four in our four-part series discussing the advantages of working with medium sized catalog printers. This content is the product of an interview with Steve Sanfelippo, our Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing here at Arandell.

In the final section, we close out our discussion with several reasons why working with a medium sized catalog printer like Arandell provides you with the best of both worlds. After the discussion, we also share additional resources and invite you to speak with Steve personally if you’d like to learn even more!

The ultimate value a medium-sized catalog printer like Arandell can provide is the ability to offer the sufficient scale to produce and distribute your catalog efficiently like a bigger printer, as well as the more personal customer service experience of a smaller printer.

Midsize catalog printers by their very nature have to create a differentiating experience from that of their larger competition. They have to make sure people understand what it is they bring to the table that’s different from and more beneficial than their larger competitors.

At Arandell, we believe we need to not only create differentiation between us and our larger competitors, but our medium and smaller competitors as well.



These days, many customers have limited resources in-house who have knowledge of or experience with the print world. We do our best to help them understand what’s possible, and provide them with a tailored solution for their unique needs, in addition to the technical resources they need.


Adapt and Deliver

Years ago in our industry, people would set out their catalog program for the year and stick with it. Now, customers need to make changes throughout the year: increasing and decreasing page counts, changing quantities, changing print sizes and much, much more.

Being a medium sized catalog printer means we’re agile and flexible enough to support and embrace those changes, and we work with our customers to accommodate those needs.


Make Communication Easier

When you’re dealing with a large competitor, you have to make a multitude of phone calls in order to resolve a challenge or to get a question answered. With Arandell, you can pick up the phone and speak to a single point of contact. It doesn’t mean that person’s going to have all the answers, but they’re going to coordinate internally along with your sales representative to make sure your needs can be met in an efficient manner.


How Do I Know Which Size Print Partner is Right for Me?

If you’ve read this far and still aren’t sure about the advantages medium sized printers provide, we have two more options for you:

1) Download our Good Print Partner Checklist
Based on my experience working in print companies of various sizes over the years, I’ve compiled the qualities that customers seem to find most valuable. If the printers you’re talking to don’t meet these qualifications, it’s time to explore some other options.

2) Let’s Talk!
I’m more than happy to help you figure out what kind of catalog printer will help you achieve your goals. (Even if it isn’t Arandell.) You can email me, or give me a call, free of charge. Just give me a shout using my contact info below!