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Unveiling Our New Mission Statement

Over the course of the past few years, we’ve been on quite a journey—acquiring a second facility, revamping the leadership team, and adding many new faces to the A-Team. While we have continued to evolve and change, our core pillars have not. Our people-first approach, dedication to quality, and commitment to environmental stewardship have remained constant and will be paramount to our continued growth.

While we have stayed true to our core values, we have also been transformed along the way. This journey, along with the start of a new decade, have provided us with an opportunity to pause and reflect on what our real mission is.

The mission of Arandell is to leave a better impression on people, paper and the planet.

We believe that this new mission statement truly captures the essence of what Arandell is as an organization. It incorporates the three major pillars that we strive to have a positive impact on every day. We use the word “better” because it’s not a destination, but rather a continual pursuit towards excellence each day and on every shift.

People should be placed at the forefront of our values including valued team members, clients, vendors, lenders, shareholders and everyone else we encounter. Arandell would cease to exist without the incredible people we work for and with day in and day out. For that, we will be forever grateful.

Paper, along with the word impression, is a nod to what we do day in and day out. These words reaffirm our position as an industry advocate and thought leader and lends credibility to the fact that we will continue to adapt and innovate to ensure print remains a viable marketing solution.

Planet reinforces the environmental stewardship initiatives that have been omnipresent within Arandell’s business practices from the very beginning. We will continue to dedicate time and resources towards minimizing our environmental impact and in ensuring future generations have a healthy planet in which to live.

We look forward to using this new mission statement as a blueprint in our ongoing pursuit to serve as North America’s premier catalog solutions provider. If you have any additional questions about this new mission statement or about anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.