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The Magic of Print

It’s Day 5 of working remote — perhaps even longer since it’s hard to keep track — and all the days have started to blend together. Your family turned coworkers are raising a coup to overthrow you. The house is a mess. Your inbox is on fire from every brand under the sun giving their slightly different, but ultimately the same take on COVID-19. It’s anarchy. 

Suddenly, your vision cuts through the fog of war to rest on your stack of mail. On top is a beautifully printed catalog. You pick it up and begin to relax as your sense of touch activates your neurotransmitters, a phenomenon explained in the Neuroscience of Touch. As you begin flipping through the piece, you are transported away from the chaos and into the serene lifestyle spreads of the catalog.  

This is the magic of print.  

With the world being on lock-down, how can companies continue to make meaningful brand connections? It’s time to double down on print. But wait a second, you are a printer-of course you are going to say to print more! Fair enough, but you don’t have to take our word for it. 

Harvard Business Review recently wrote an article regarding the comeback of the printed catalog and the value it brings to companies’ marketing efforts. It’s a great piece that dives into how the catalog is still a powerful channel to tell your brand story and showcase some of your best products.

As we continue to navigate through the challenges that COVID-19 poses, one thing is certain: now is the time to leverage the power of print. By doubling down on your print efforts, you can start to offset the lack of in-store sales by driving traffic to the website. Finally, with such an overwhelming amount of communication being sent through digital during this time give your customers a break and cut through the digital clutter. 

We are eager to be a resource in better explaining the magic of print and in helping to support your business any way we can during this uncertain time. If you aren’t sure where to start or where to go from here, feel free to shoot me an email or give me call directly at (262) 250-7420 so we can navigate through these tough times together. 

Otherwise, we hope you’ll continue to stay tuned in to our News + Events page where you’ll find all the latest and greatest industry insights, company announcements and thought leadership pieces.