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Employee Spotlight – Trish Volk on Creating Career Opportunities for Yourself

Trish Volk, Account Executives at Arandell, has been in printing for over 34 years.  

In the mid-90’s, a male dominated sales team was still the norm in many industries – particularly so in the printing industry. After 10 years in the Estimating department, Trish decided that Sales would be the most challenging career move for her professionally. While it wasn’t without obstacles, she ultimately succeeded, and the rest is history.

Today, Trish is one of our newer sales reps, joining the company just over one year ago. In that short time, she has already made an impact at Arandell – leveraging some of her existing relationships in driving new business and in helping Arandell grow. 

Here is more about Trish Volk and how she has managed to build a great career by working hard and creating opportunities for herself. 


What’s your name, job title and department you work in? 

My name is Trish Volk and I am an Account Executive in the Sales Department here at Arandell. 


Tell us more about your background. 

I started in the Estimating/Sales Support Department at Perry Printing in 1985 after graduating from UW- Stout. Perry was acquired by RR Donnelly in 2008, I was fortunate enough to continue my career with RR Donnelley, later spinning off as LSC Communications. I made the decision to join Arandell after 33 years with the same, although evolved, company. 

My love of printing started in High School, I graduated from UW Stout in 1985 with a degree in Graphic Arts. I was hired as a new graduate by Perry Printing for a position in their newly created estimating/sales support department. In 1990 I accepted the role as Director of Estimating at Perry.  After 10 years in estimating, I was really looking for a change. As I reviewed different options, I decided the most challenging would be a move into Sales. 

After applying, not only internally (at Perry) but also externally with other printing companies, I was given the opportunity to stay at Perry and move into the Sales Department as a National Account Manager. Sales did not come naturally to me, but I found my experience in Estimating along with my equipment knowledge really helped me grow and excel in my new role. 

In early 2018, as the print industry continued to change and consolidate, I was beginning to feel that it may not be a bad idea to start thinking about a career change. I was contacted by Brad Hoffman, President & Chief Executive officer of Arandell, about an opportunity within Arandell. 

I had worked with Brad, along with several others who had moved to Arandell after the acquisition of Perry by RRD, so I was excited to learn more about Arandell and the opportunity. After touring the plants and meeting the team, I knew this would be a very positive move for me. It has been just over a year since I started and I am still very excited to be part of the Arandell team! 


What are your day-to-day Responsibilities? 

Really being in a position to support current customers’ marketing efforts, in addition to working to acquire new customers. That may include cost and/or postage analysis, paper grades/weights, catalog sizes and page counts. Communicating with customers is extremely important, as is timely responses to requests.  I try to make sure that customers feel that they can reach out at any point and receive prompt and thoughtful responses. 


What do you enjoy most about your job? 

The people, both customers and the people at Arandell. Everyone I have met, from the office to the production floor, are all very engaged and excited to jump in and make sure customers are taken care of. This speaks volumes to Arandell’s organizational structure that allows for fluid communication at all levels of the company. 


What do you do like to do for fun outside of work? 

I enjoy hanging out and visiting with family. My daughter lives in Milwaukee so I enjoy spending time with her when our schedules align. My parents and 7 sisters live in the Minneapolis area, so I do enjoy getting together with them – just recently a few of my sisters and I went to Bahamas on vacation, which we try to do a few times a year. Other than that, a typical night would be cooking or knitting, and if I am really feeling energetic going to a Pilates class.

What’s your favorite music to listen to?  Favorite band or artist? 

I grew up listening to Gordon Lightfoot and Jackson Browne, so they are up in the top 5 . . . The Killers, The Cure, alternative rock. 


Favorite TV Show or movie of all-time? 

Ok, who doesn’t like ELF?  Christmas Vacation? I am not really into anything regular . . . Yes, I do a few Netflix marathons, but nothing specific.


Final Question:  How do you define success? 

I define success by knowing and understanding balance in life, while also setting goals and continuing to grow. Having balance and working hard in your career, while also enjoying your life and family is so important. Success is also treating people with respect, and in return, earning the respect of others.   

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