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Eco-Friendly Printing: Not Just a Trend, But a Tradition at Arandell

Here at Arandell, we understood early on in our history that being a good neighbor is good business.

Arandell has always been at the forefront of environmental sustainability and stewardship by continuously improving on eco-friendly printing methods. By working in partnership with our customers, suppliers and shareholders, we continually look for opportunities to reduce energy, conserve natural resources and recycle or eliminate waste.

There are a couple of key sustainability initiatives we practice that help us continue to limit our impact on the environment:

Forest Certification

Arandell recognizes the impact of paper use and production on endangered forests in the environment. We have always adopted and supported environmentally responsible practices of obtaining paper. That’s why we’re triple certified:

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®
SFI® (Sustainable Forestry Initiative®)
PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™)

We encourage a spirit of continuous improvement and enhancement of all forest certification systems, using FSC® as the targeted standard.

Maximize Recycled Content

In keeping with our eco-friendly printing standards, we also strive to recycle 100% of the process wastes that printing creates.

One of the most important areas of focus is hazardous materials. All hazardous materials are very closely monitored, and we continually search for and use chemicals that are the least harmful to the environment.

All hazardous waste is disposed of through safe and environmentally-friendly ways by third parties specializing in these procedures. Waste paper from all of our presses is separated, shredded, and baled on site for recycling. White waste is delivered directly to a recycling plant where it is processed back to be reused and recycled. Waste such as corrugated cartons, core rolls and skid wraps are collected and sold to plants that recycle them into useful products such as bags, wrapped paper, placemats and chipboard.

We will continue to develop and maintain our paper recovery programs to facilitate the use of higher levels of recycled fiber, to capture paper after use, and to support entry into the recycle stream.

Water Based Inkjet

When it comes to printing, there are two main different types of ink: solvent-based, and water-based. One much more suitable for eco-friendly printing than the other.

Due to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are used in solvent-based ink and its negative impact on the environment, we made it our policy to use only water-based inks in our inkjet process. Water-based inks are much less volatile than their solvent counterparts and provide a safer environment for those who interact with the inks as well as limit the impact on the environment.

These are just three areas within eco-friendly printing in which Arandell dedicates time and resources towards carrying on the tradition of being a leader in environmental stewardship. For more information regarding the other ways in which Arandell strives to be a good neighbor don’t hesitate to check out our environmental awareness section here: