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Debunking the Retail Apocalypse Myth

As we begin 2018 it appears as though retail is alive and well despite many claims.
Throughout 2017 there was a constant media bombardment regarding a retail apocalypse.
The never ending reports of store consolidations, cutbacks and massive layoffs painted a bleak picture for retail indeed.
However the claim of a retail apocalypse seemed a stretch.Did retail have to endure a painful learning curve? Absolutely. Was retail forced to make some tough changes? Of course. But as retail continues to change and adapt to the evolving consumer it will continue to be a robust and dynamic industry.  The 2017 holiday season proved that retail is anything but dead with reports stating that overall spending to be the highest since 2011. It seems that we can finally put to rest the notion of a “retail apocalypse”.

Retail Touch Points put together the top 10 stories that debunk the retail apocalypse claims of 2017.
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