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Hurricane Harvey Update #2

Effective over the Labor Day Weekend, the USPS’s North Houston P&DC that services the entire Greater Houston Area has begun resuming all operations. This includes all processing operations for Marketing / Standard Mail.
This processing facility serves all Post Office Delivery Units within the 3-Digit ZIP Codes of 770, 772, 773, 774, 775, 776, 777 and 778.  Furthermore, all Post Office Delivery Units have resumed normal operation with the exception of a handful, whose services are being performed out of alternative delivery facilities.
All of Arandell’s customer mail for this area that was being held will begin being released, loaded and put in transit to North Houston P&DC, with the following USPS arrival expectations:

  • 75M pieces held in Dallas are expected to arrive in-home beginning 9/1 –expect deliver to USPS this Thursday (9/7) – Saturday (9/9)
  • 202M pieces held in Dallas are expected to arrive in-home beginning 9/4 –expect deliver to USPS this Friday (9/8) – Monday (9/11)
  • 615M pieces held at Arandell are expected to be in-home beginning 9/11 –expect deliver to USPS Monday (9/11) – Wednesday (9/13)
  • All pieces with in-home beginning 9/18 or later – expecting delivery to USPS as planned


Postal delivery to the mailbox will be running slower as USPS and Houston areas begin to normalize. We are also experiencing spikes in truck transportation to this area. This is causing a displacement in transportation from normal routing. We anticipate over the next week or longer that this will cause some delays throughout the nationwide transportation network.
We will continue to post updates regarding the logistics of mail in Houston.
For immediate assistance or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of your service team.